What is your answer to your previous partner (gf/bf)?

Ones, you are move on from your past relationship. And after some time your previous partner (in past, you proposed her/him. and she/he denied) come and propose you? And this side you are already in new relation ship?

What you do?

What is your answer to your previous partner (gf/bf)?


ones you move on--you should move ahead,don't look back...

your last relations's time was suggest her same...and denied her proposal...

if you can continues as friendship,you will maintained it...but not more than that.


Similar to my predicament.. I was engaged to my girlfriend of 5 years (we started dating at 16) and about a month ago she broke it off. We're still very close friends, and talk like every day, but she's kind of unsure about getting back together. I've told her that if she EVER wants to get back together, I don't care who I'm with (as long as I'm not married), I'll drop whatever I'm doing just to be with her. Our love, and very deep connection, will always be greater than something I could feel with someone else.


Well if I was happy in the new relationship, or I regretted leaving the old one, I would give it some serious thought. But I wouldn't accept the proposal right away.


Best thing to say is "you had your chance, now it's someone elses"