I kissed him! But Now what?

Last night i kissed my bf of 8 months. And It was our first kiss and both of our like first kisses ever. And i was expectin the whole sparks flying butterflies in my stomach thing but instead nothing happened. Maybe it was because the kiss was like a split second like the shortest peck ever but does this mean were not meant to be together or something? It was so pointless i dont even remeber the feeling of the kiss! or i barely remeber the kiss at all.. So now what? does this mean i dont really like him or is that sparks flying thing a whole big joke and no one really gets it.?


ok well if it was just a peck i wouldnt read too much into it. if this is both of your first kiss he may be nervous and dont wanna look stupid in front of you if he messes up. wait til the "kiss" to determine if anything is there. trust me you will know it.