Does he like me or is he just stringing me along?

There's this boy that I really really like, I haven't liked any other boy as much but I dont show that I really like him because I'm scared it will scare him away because I think he likes the 'hard to get' me.. but it's getting boring. Yet it seems that at one point he'll be normal with me, then the next he acts like I'm the only girl on Earth!

I don't understand him. I mean, usually I can figure out whether someone likes me or not but he is soooo unpredictable. He calls me sexy alot .. but then I think.. if he really liked me he wouldnt do the smallest things like take long to reply/ call me as if he wants me to constantly be paranoid (which I actually am but he doesn't know its working). If he does see me as 'the doll he can pick up when he wants to play with it' then how can I not be? Is he trying to play the chasing game?

P.S. As rediculous as it sounds, if i do make the first move we both know he's won the battle >:@ haha

Am i reading into it abit too much? Help please :(


Well I guess it depends how long this has been going on. Some guys just like to have girls stringing along, because it makes them feel good about themselves. What I've noticed with friends, now I'm not saying this is the case for everyone, but the majority of my friends relationships which have worked out for a while, the guy always asked them out first.

Keep your options open, don't just focus on this boy. If he sees you talking to other guys or being with other guys, you should be able to tell if he is jealous. If he's just stringing you along and you leave yourself open to meeting other guys, then it's good for you, because if he's not interested for real or not interested anymore, you can meet/go out with another guy.

You could just ask him if he likes you? Maybe contact him less and see if he makes the effort to communicate with you. If he does, he probably likes you.


I my self am

unpredictable and a like that sum times

. He dos love you. But you must be with

sumone who is a much more better than him

. He may have no luck with girls ......


wat battle? r u two playing some kind of game?


i think that he likes you but is a bit too proud to admit or completely shy. Ask him out in a public place, only you and him, so you can get to know each other better.