Does this mean anything?

We are both 18 and i have been going out with this girl for about 2 months

and the farthest i have gone with her is suck on her boobs and rub her down there but with her pants on and the other day she said "I can believe we have been going out for 2 months and we havent done anything." and by that she means had sex. Does this tell you anything about her? Is she easy? etc.


Sounds like an invitation to me.


if she serious then time for a treat! else if she c says jockingly then show her tht you both are satisfied. show her tht u care her the most. go easy let her open the door to ...whatever! i tell you if need b to show her how much you care and love kiss her feet and hair..

do tell the result!


id say shes complimenting u on ure self contrll.

ure a sick guy really. its so easy to believe that a girl is loose


She is not easy. Girls have needs too. Ask her if she is ready, and I am guaranteed she will say yes.