Why doesn't he wanna go out with me?

My best guy friend told me he thinks I'm funny, smart, and really cute, but meanwhile he asked out my ex-best friend! I have naturally wavy hair with auburn highlights, according to my friends i have a long island accent, i have hazel eyes, and long eyelashes, those are the things he said he likes about me, but then why did he ask out my ex-best friend!?! HELP!


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he probably cherishes your friendship so much, that he doesn't want to ruin it, by being in a relationship. Your friendship will NEVER be the same, if you guys go out, or if you guys break up


That Haile babee girl is soo wrong, u see thats what girls always think and end up getting a slap in the face when they last forever waiting then have nothing happening in the end, that whole jealous thing is soo high school talk. I'm sorry but he really did prefer ur ex friend, and maybe he was a little confused of what he wanted at that time when he would compliment you. Don't worry your ex bf will get dumped, and don't give up, there's lots of fish in the ocean!


Are you doing all these things just so he will like you? And how old are you,If your in middle school all i can really say is try talking with him...And saying your cute doesnt really mean he likes you,I had the same issue when i was little and i grew out of it,Its just another obstacle in life.He may have wanted to stay friends because in case you guys break up there might be the chance you guys stop talking,And most friends that start liking eachother dont want that.thats what happend to me,All you can really do is stay friends and date here and there and see how it works out,If you guys end up dateing congrats! but just stay friends with him,It could be better than daiting i was friends with a girl i was in love with for 5 years and never dated her we were always just close close friends(not sexual) talked about our relationships talked about pretty much everything you could name. And looks arent everything just being there is the best and personality is always best.Good luck!


Maybe because he only sees you as a FRIEND. There is a possiblity that you and your guy friend are on two different pages of feelings for each other. Also, he could have possiby been using you to get with your ex- friend. Sorry for your misfortune.


he obviously likes her better.


Maybe he doesn't like your personality. OR HERE'S A THOUGHT! He's been lying to you. :/


maybe you just didnt show the signs


it doesnt mean he likes her necesarily, just ask him