What does she really mean? and my ex have been having some problems with breaking up and getting back together...well 2 weeks ago we called it quits and now she told me she is talking to someone else. (not moving on) is what she said. She tells me she loves me and cares about me and misses me but when she is with this guy she ignores me. and her and i both made an agreement a long time ago that if we broke up we'd still be friends, and if we ever met someone else they would have to be cool with our past. now im soo confused because she is with him right now, and once again she ignores me. I don't get her at all. I don't know what she is trying to prove or do, but honestly it really hurts. What should I do? What does she mean by all this?


aw hun i know how you feel

the same has been going on for me But the reverse of course since im a girl and well coming from that stand point maybe youll understand

ok well this is what i think she probablly ignores you because the guy doesnt want her to talk to you. and as me being a girl and asuming all girls are a little alike She doesnt talk to you cuz she wants to please him. girls love to please guys expecailly if he's our date or boyfriend We love to make guys feel good and special And that he is the only one on our mind *strange i know

or concluding from what you said earlier that she still loves you and misses you She ignores you to lose that feeling away from you. cuz deep in her she wants to get back with you and is sorry for all that has happened between the two of you but is afraid of rejection and that you might not feel the same way about her (BUT you do love her!you have to let her know how you feel) and so she doesnt talk to you

or anyother thing but i hope this is not it. shes playing with your heart and feelings. she wants pay back. she wants to make you feel bad That you lost a good thing BUT youll never get it back. i really hope that that is not it

it can be anyone of these but i wouldnt know to say for sure what it is since i dont know you, her or how your past relationships with her were like. my best suggestion is try and and sit down with her and discuss the issue

look another thing my sorry but im going to be honest if you guys had agreed that youll be friends no matter what (heh it sounds so corny sorry it reminds me of stongebob and patrick best friends forever..) anyways back to you. um oh yea that youll be friends forever and that you future partners will have to be cool with it. yea um being honest here if she were your real friend she would try and talk to you but since you said she loves you i dont know what to say to that..

talking to her is the best option but face to face you want to see her face and body movements while she tells you it can tell alot

also it wouldnt be bad if after you talk to her that you her and the guy all had a chat, then you and the guy one on one (ah how i wrote it sounds like a fight sorry! O.o)

but yea hope this helps and that everything works out for that better

ps Dont beat yourself up about it It only makes things worse

and if you have any more question hit me up ill write back

good luck



um i want to write more but cant so yea


ok i needed to give you this info (same person from above)

ok more um girls want guys to feel jealous because (i copy these from yahoo anwsers, these are true coming from a girl)

."They do it because the female needs something to bolster her ego, to make her feel "special", or "pretty", or "desireable." I guess fanning flames of jealousy and getting guys to "fight" over them is a way (a kinda twisted way) to make themselves feel good"-papaw

."It makes us feel wanted and in its fun to see you squirm! LOL. But seriously, we do it for attention. We usually stop after we get it."-leighway948

."Causing jealousy makes some girls feel like they're in charge and have power over the guy. Personally, I do it because I'm insecure myself and and I want to make my boyfriend feel what I feel. I've slept with other guys and partied with them and let them mess around with me because I feel like it's the only way I can get attention sometimes and I think most easy/slutty girls are like that for the same reason. I'm not defending my behavior or anyone else's but I do understand it and you can't have a healthy relationship with someone who isn't balanced and comfortable with themselves."-K

."because they love the attention & want to know how much you can.

if you didn't get really jealous about anything she did, she'd think you didn't care about her.

it's just an attention thing, she won't take it to the next level. so you don't have to worry about anything :)"-upsidedown

."They are insecure and want you to "prove" how much you care about them by making you act equally insecure. If your girlfriends are acting like this, it's a big red flag that you two have problems in your relationship."-Ashera

."Not every girl is like that, only the insecure ones.

I would suppose it is because they want to see you jealous so they can be reassured that you still like them. Also, maybe they want you to think that you have some competition, and so maybe you would hold onto them longer, you know?

that's the best i could come up with. good luck with everything :]"-Katie

."the reason they do that is not because its part of a sick little game its to see if the guy she's with will fight to stay with you that's what i do and the winner of the fight is usually the one to stay with the girl"-Jessica

."Insecurity. She wants affirmation that you care about her....and if you don't express it well otherwise then the only way she can get the affirmation is to make you jealous. cold be a way to keep you aware of what you've got and pay attention to it."-Confudded

yup hope this helps (LONG). sorry i kown it hurts but if it is too much for you just let it go. maybe in the future you guys can be friends again. A long break wouldnt hurt either of you

best of luck




actually, it's easy for a couple to say that they will still be friends even if they broke up... the reason for that is that, at that very moment, nothing's wrong with your relationship. now that you're not together, it's different.. it's not easy to be friends with your ex... in my opinion, she ignores you because she doesn't feel comfortable with you around and with her being with her new guy.. my boyfriend broke up with me last month, he still sends me sweet messages just like your girlfriend do, though i know she has a new girl.. i think he only does that to lessen the pain that he had caused me. what you need to do is try to avoid having communication with your ex for now. you can't move on as long as your clinging to the fact that you can still be friends. let time heal everything..who knows, you two might cross path again and by that time both of you are ready to patch things up, forget everything and be friends. it will hurt for a while, but it's gonna make sense sooner or later...


I think she's confused between who to pick between you two. She's in love with you but she doesn't want to ruin her chances of maybe finding something new with this guy. I think she's been hurt so many times by you or your relationship that she is trying to move on but inside she knows she can't. She is ignoring you because she doesn't want to get the other guy mad and ruin everything with him, and she is trying to make you jelous so you go back to her begging. I know she's still in love with you she just doesn't knwo what to do. I'm in the position she's in right now. Don't worry, you're the one that's gonna end up with her and she knows it.


she has feelings for you thats why she ignores you when she's with that guy, because she probably doesnt want that guy to get mad if he finds out, you guys are still talking after the break up. but seriously i see that you like her and she likes you, then whats stopping you two?