Boy troubles? please help.?

So I met this guy on an ipod app. I've known him since December. We text everyday. I tell him I love him. But now my feelings have changed. Back in April I told him I was done but we got back together. Now I'm really done. What should i tell him? We've promised eachother forever and always but I'm not too sure about that now... HELP! oh...and i haven't even met him yet.


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This one's a no-brainer. My honest and personal opinion of this is that you need to move on. I mean, if you haven't even MET yet, and he's already dedicating his life to you, there's something wrong there. And plus, what if you actually meet up and you decide you don't like each other anymore? I know for a fact that things get very awkward when you first meet someone in real life after talking to them online.

I would tell him how you feel about everything. Just tell him that it's not really working out as well as you thought it would. DO NOT say something that may lead him to believe that he might have a second chance. Believe me, you do not want to deal with that. And again, it's easier said than done.

Hopefully you'll take my advice, but in the end, you have to make the decision.

Good luck!



Sorry to sound harsh, but if you haven't met him, then you're being stupid about this. Long distance with people you actually know doesn't work, so how would it work with someone you've never even met? Telling him you love him was fairly stupid as well, because you're just distancing yourself from the people you actually know. This guy could be a 50-something-year old man who is a convicted sex offender. Heck, it could be a woman, too, or a cop.


Follow your heart, be faithful to yourself Sweetheart and you'll never go wrong. Be your own best friend.



What? You're dating a guy you met off a iPod app? What if he is like 70 and just wanting someone younger? They say live dangerously but seriously, this guy has got to go. They're plenty more 'fish in the sea' and one day you will find you're perfect catch (cheesey i know but so worthwhile), tell him that you don't feel the same way anymore and delete the iPod app, his number and just wipe him out of your life altogether. Good Luck.


If you have never even met in person, then you can say/do anything. Or nothing. How can he hold you to a promise if you have never even met in person? If you have to say anything, just say you changed your mind.

If you haven't met him in person, it all could be a lie anyway. He could look like anything, any age, any thing, you haven't met in person to verify any of this, you are making the assumption that he is being honest.


you've never ever met this guy and u can "love" sumone if u dont kno them.. jsut end it..


first of all if u havent met him yet, how do u kno wht he looks like, wht if he is lying about everything he says. what if he is like a 60 year old or something? u should think about that, everybody doesnt tell the truth. Well first i think u need to get him off ur like i have moved on and now i have boyfriend or sumthin, if u really want to get away from him


forever and always? and you havent even met him? It doesnt matter its not really a REAL relationship. Who knows who he REALLY is. He could be some 12 year old girl thats bored. Wow....