Why is my boyfriend DOING THIS?

i'm 18 and i'm a girl, my boyfriend is 21, we've been together for a year. He wants me to be always in contact with him, we text all the time through the day and if one day i got late to answer his text he tells me that he's upset and he misses me and needs me..he tells me that he loves me a lot. He wants to know all the time where am i and what am i doing and he tells me where he is and what is he doing. we've been like that for a whole year. we see each other once a week cause we got lots of studies to do. He surprised me on my birthday with a dinner in a restaurant with my friends and HE payed the bill brought me an expensive present and told me that was the least he can do for me. what do u think of him?


He doesn't want to loose you, he loves you, I would be absolutely floored if my boyfriend wanted to to this. You have no idea. You should be really happy right now. You do also have the upper hand. Girls need to have that power over men and you seem to be doing it well. You have something that a lot of girls don't have. Because he is begging for your attention. He is a little insecure, relies on you, a tad desperate, and wants to know what you are doing because he doesn't have much going on in his life and is worried that you do. Ok, he is like I am with my boyfriend. Its just opposite for me, because I'm the girl that is acting like your guy. Love him back, you got it made girl God Bless <3


He sounds really needy. A guy shouldn't get upset with you for sending a text late. He should understand that your busy studying. He sounds short tempered and if you think he gets upset for a late text than what do you think will happen once something that actually matters happens and he doesn't like it? He sounds like he just wants somebody to be his and have the tile of being in a relationship.

I don't like the guy. I would dump him personally. There's much better guys out there and you shouldn't be wasting your time on one that can only do one good thing celebrating your bday ONCE in a whole year


He seems like a nice and caring guy for you. I would say he's only trying to be secure with the relationship, but sometimes space is nice to have. He may think that you should be the one for him for life. He just doesn't want you to go cheating on him or anything, he's being secure. :)

Good luck, hope this helps you.


I think your boyfriend sounds really nice. But if i were you i would sit down and talk to him about his over protectivness and ask him what he thinks he should do to be not so protected. I think only seeing eachother only once a week can have an affect on why he is so protected of you. But he loves you alot and you have to understand that and maybe thats why he is doing that. So just email and let me know what you do and how everything turns out.

Best of Luck!


Sounds like he's insecure and clingy. He means well but a lot of people find that annoying, myself included.

He's very smitten by you and afraid to lose you, sounds like.


he's a very nice guy and wants to be with you forever and doesnt want to loose you


um be thank full you have a nice guy wtf is the problem ?


I think he sounds needy and doesn't trust you thats what i think.