Do i HAVE to date at my age?

I am 14 years old. I am straight and i am a guy. But, right now i just want to focus on school, and get my career as a psychologist started. I am a sophomore and going to be junior in August.

Anywayz, it just seems that everyone else dates and they can't go a few days without a girl. But i dont know if i should date because im really not into dating at the moment. What do you think i should do?


wait, did you just say your going to be a junior at 14? sheesh. im going to the 8th grade and im 13. haha. but its okay, i have never dated either and i also want to just focus on school. dont feel like you have to follow everyone else.


your finee haha if you dont want to date anyone then dont! if you havent met anyone you really like than dont settle! i am the same way pluss its dumbb there are so many guys i regret wasting time on so now i just like being single :)


Hey, if you don't want to date, then don't date. There's plenty of time for that later in life.

So no, you don't have to, and in fact I think what you're doing is very sensible.


dont do it.if your not into it just focus on watever ur goals are.there will be plenty of time to date.