So this guy that is in my woodworking class that i met at the beginning of the year .. and we haven't really talked allot but exchanged a few words .. but today he asked me if i attended this christian concert during the weekend and i said yes then he said he saw... me and from there the entire day he started asking me questions like which church do i go to" and if im for sure coming to bible camp this summer" and then he started helping me out today with different work during class .. and now he just keep staring at me and smiles all a sudden .. and it seems as if now he found out im a christian he talks to me more is he just being friendly?

we r both in high school )



Hi "Peace"!

It's hard for me to think that this guy is just being friendly! I'd say he has a crush on you, or even more. He'd probably like to ask you out. I mean, what guy would ask if you were at a concert, spend a whole day asking you questions, ask for sure are you going to camp, help you with work during class, and then keep staring at you and smiling? lol I mean, do you fish? Because you sure have caught him! As for being Christian, I think he likes that because he was also at a Christian concert, so I imagine he's a Christian, and he's looking for a girlfriend who also is. But I don't think that's why he's being friendly. Does he stare at every Christian girl in the school? I doubt it! But he stares at you. That means something. I hope you like him back because he's all yours if you want him!

Good luck! :)