Trying to change...but I'm having a hard time....?

I'll try to make this as brief as possible.

I've been abused my whole life by my peers because I have an "eye" problem. My eye doesn't look directly at people due to a car accident when I was young. I've tried to have it fixed but am unable. Since I was young I was treated differently due to this.

I've been to 2 different colleges thus far. My first college was an hour from home in which I had 5 roommates in the course of 1 year and my 2nd year my roommates played a "prank" on me telling public safety I had a gun in my room & was planning a Virgina Tech shooting as a joke because they thought I was involved in them getting written up for alcohol.

I left the school and moved 14 hours from home. I was so desperate to make friends that I did everything in my power to make them. Threw parties every weekend, had people over all the time, etc. All my friends got to know each other.

By the end of the year I was told to my face that they had no real intention of being my friend and were using me for my money/parties/to get to know my other friends. About 70% of the people at school do not contact me anymore, don't talk to me, and have completely betrayed my trust. One even stole my car.

Friends from home that I do have feel that it is not me but the people I choose to associate myself with. I feel as though I associate myself with a lot of "losers" even back home which sounds horrible but it is because I'm afraid that's all who will talk to me.

I'm at the point now where I don't trust anyone. I've begun to distance myself from my friends at home and at school. I'm going to be graduating "hopefully" this spring but...I don't really feel like going back to school. I'm terrified. I've begun going to the gym & working out, doing yoga, trying to do things for's somewhat helping and I've met a few nice people...

How more can I help myself?

Should I drop out of college?

I want to just start my life over...


NO, DO NOT DROP OUT OF COLLEGE! Hon, people go through this all the time with a happy ending. The thing is, most good, amazing people attract the worst of people because they're easy to manipulate because they're so nice. You're doing nothing wrong, you probably just get too desperate sometimes and get blinded by how many friends you have, and don't really slow down as to assess who really wants to be there. You should really get to know those few nice people you met, join some clubs, go to a camp, learn music, something that you enjoy, that has lots of people to interact with. Don't distance yourself from people and don't start being too paranoid because that could just lead to less friends because you choose not to trust too many people. All you need to do is join some activities or maybe go somewhere when school's over. It's hard, i know, but you'll get through it, i promise! Good luck, sweetie! Don't give up!


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awww :( I'm so sorry this happened to you! people in general are just so fake. You see it everywhere; people blatantly using each other all the time. Every so often though, you'll meet someone who makes it worth going through all those b*tches for. I can't believe they treated you like that at all never mind because of your eye... I would advise you to STAY in college, don't drop out and let them win. Complete your course, graduate + move onto bigger and better things. You'll benefit in the end. Keep going to gym, doing yoga and meeting new people. I'm a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason" and things can only get better from now, right? :)


Those people are people you shouldnt befriend. their just using you. you should keep in college. Those nice people are the people you should get to know better. true beauty is what comes from the inside you know? and your eye. its unavoidable. it wont change, but you always have to think highly of yourself. just show your self as a more powerful person. not needing those people that have no intentions of being your friend. Its the people that are nice to you and always there for you that will help you in life.


don't drop out of college ur almost graduating. keep urself busy in other activities that doesn't involve ur classmates or college u said yoga..gym and sometimes volenteer work is helpfull too