Guys what do you notice when u r lookin at a girl 4 the first time?

her eyes?nose?boobs?what?


I usually start with the eyes. Don't know why, they're just my weaknesses. Then I look at the rest of her together usually facial composition and breasts. Then hair. But by then I would of already started talking to her and that. Personality definitely matters, otherwise that might ruin things (like my hard-on).

But really every guy is different, so different things turn them on at first sight.

Many men of these days (especially where I live) are incredibly turned on by a lady with big boobs and a curvy physique. They just stare at them for ages. Some try to look under their skirt or something. but I think that's very un-gentleman, despite the temptation. Boobs are just in your face anyway, and when you're talking it's kinda hard.

Nose? I don't know. I'm not really into noses. But if it's looking anything like pinochio's then that's a hard time trying to make out, i guess.

So if your by any chance trying to get a man, just be you and be nice. Some like a "gal wit an attitude", so you might be lucky if your like that. But I prefer down-to-earth, nice-looking girl who I can get on with.


most men look for physical traits then a personality unless there just looking for a goodtime


Since you dont take personality into account it is mostly body features. They look for the stereotypical breasts and ***, but after that they move onto more cuter features such as how her face looks and her smile. :D :D


her smile and hair!


Face, hair, build in that order.