How Do I Ask Him? Even Though He Knows I Do?

I Like This Lad And I Told Him The Other Week,And He Says Cool. But I Want To Know Who He Fancies. But He Know That I Like Him So I Don't Know Whether Just To Ask Him Who He Likes Or Do It A Different Way. One Of My Mates Told Me That The Lads Mate Told Her That He Liked Me. But I Don't Know What To Do

Should I Just Ask Him Straight Who He Likes Or Do It A Different Way.

Lads What Would You Do If The Person Who Likes You Asks Who

Please Help Me Quickly

P.S I Really Like Him

He Is So Funny And Can Listen To My Problems xx



I think you should go for it and ask him. the way i got my guy to answer was by being my funny self and just asking him. Don't be afraid of a little rejection if it happens. you never know he might truly like you and you guys can work things out and become a couple :)


Bring it up in a conversation. Like ask him who his friends are, if he names some girls, ask about them and if he likes them.


You know a person likes you if they ask for your phone number and ask you out on a date - so flirt with him until he does