If a date takes you to mcdonalds..what are your thoughts? lol?

some people are high maintenance..some people dont mind as long as theyre in your company.

truthfully..if a date takes you to mcdonalds..what would you think?


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It depends. If was under the impression I was being taken out for a meal, then I would be quite annoyed. If I we were just meeting up for a snack and then doing something else it wouldn't bother me as much, although I would still think them a cheap skate.


Well it depends! For example if the date is ONLY taking me to mcdonalds then I wouldn't go out with him ever again because that means he's either broke or a cheap ***... BUT let's say we were out doing something else first let's say a movie or something and it's late and we just go grab a quick bite to eat there then that's fine... Come on Mcdonalds for a date? HA! I'm not a gold digger but that's just so pathetic. Maybe if we were in our teens I would probably accept it.. HAHA


only if we've already been somewhere like bowling or something. idk cheap burgers goes with that whole experience for some reason

mcdonalds on its own... I wouldn't be too thrilled (unless it was a private joke or something!)


well i guess it depends on the person i think fish 'n' chips at the park are cheaper and more romantic! lol but yea maccers hmm not for me. but it really does depend on the girl. i wouldnt risk it. fish 'n' chips! all the way


He is a virgin! :P


It makes no difference to me. How much money a person spends shouldn't matter.


haha thats just low


i would laff and accept it becus we are in a recessin these deyys and i totally understand.. :)