How can I keep this relationship going, even though I'm gone?

I am going to camp for a month this summer and will have no communication with the outside world. Is there any way to keep my boyfriend like happy when he is missing me? I can't write to him or anything, but he is really upset that I will be leaving. What can I do to show that I really do miss him?


My girlfriend bought me an X Box with the condition I could only play when she wasn't there. Every time she left town I would play games with the guys. By the time I missed her she was home! My dad always laughed and said she was the smartest girl in the world because she knew exactly how I ticked.


Just walk away. Break the wrist and walk away.


Well you can tell him to go on like a road trip or something like that with his friends while your gone. That way he wont be bored and he wont have time to think about you.