Do you think its wierd if a girl goes braless [guys]?

i dont like wearing bras, they are annoying. i have 32cs. and since im only 16, theyre perky and its not really that obvious. do you think its weird or ok?


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Nope, If she is doing it because she is more comfortable and it is her style, I respect that. If she is doing it to tease guys, I have less respect. No one should be forced to wear those torture garments just because culture says they should... ugh.


Hey, not weird at all - in fact it's very cute! :oD

If you're more comfortable that way, go for it - you'll make the world a smilier place! :)


I think its great when girls go braless, its sexy and a form of freedom in my opinion. I am a nudist so I say the less clothes the better! It's not weird at all honey.


it,s ok with me if that,s what they want. who am i to judge them? regardless the way you go there will always be someone say something.


not at all weird :)


As long as you are comfortable with it and, UM Well Um not causing traffic accidents then more power to you. Good luck.


It's OK. Guys will love it. You will have more dates than you can handle.


I think its very much ok and I love it when girls go braless. I think I would do it more often too If i was a girl. More power to you and not weird at all.