Are fat women jealous of women who can flaunt it?

I am asking because women who are blonde and thin usually have a whole lota men around them


Jealousy is an ugly emotion and I am not fat but I never get jealous-- instead I find people always jealous of me-- they are pathetic in their jealousy and they do not realize they only hurt themselves. Every since I was a child I have had to deal with people being jealous of me and hating me and I just hate them back and always win because they lie and will be proven liars and they can't lie to escape justice.


De ja vu, Keith, dejavu. NO every single person is different. Some people get jealous, others do not, some people like being fat others are happy thin. Some men like blondes, others do not...blaaaahblaaaahblaaaa grow up


Wow, Diana, way to flatter yourself! I'm not fat, but I find myself being jealous of pretty girls who get all of the attention from guys. Mostly, I'm jealous of their confidence.


many times, yes