Guys: does this guy really like me?

so i made out with this guy and after he asked to hang out so he gave me his number (i lost it). he's in none of my classes but later i saw him and was like hey sorry i lost your number. then 2 weeks later he friends me on fb.. also if we ever go by each other in the hall he stares at me. do you think once i accept the friend request he's gonna try to inbox me or something to hang out?


YES. lol. if you guys made out and if he's as consistent as you say that he is, then he likes you. If you want to add him on facebook then you should. DOnt be afraid. lol. I laugh because I believe that if someone asked you this question then you would think that its a no brainer. But it's hard to judge the situations that we are I do understand.


really up to you what you want to doo.