What does it mean when a guy says maybe?

My friend asked my crush if he wanted to go out with me and he said maybe. I'm not sure about the conversation they had and I didn't press my friend for details. We talked and he smiled at me often when school was in. It was on the last day of school so I have no idea how to contact him and I have to wait until school starts. I think he'll probably forget by that time and I probably won't bring it up for a while until we get reacquainted or something. So I'm just wondering what does it usually mean when guys say maybe?


It means he's being cautious. He may be interested, but he's not sure why your friend is asking. Don't worry, if he's interested in you he'll either get in touch or ask you out when school starts. He'd be excited to be encouraged that you may like him if he likes you also. If he truly likes you, he won't forget no matter how much time passes.


It's a polite "no".


You're looking way too far into this. Guys don't think that deeply about romance. When he says maybe he's thinking "I dont really know her but I don't want to turn her down just yet, so I'll get to know her a bit better and see how it goes." I can garuntee you 100% he didn't think more deeply than that, because I say maybe all the time.

Give it a couple of days, and give him a chance to get to know you, then ask him again. If he gives you another maybe, then you know he's not interested.


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he's either playing coy or he doesn't want you but he doesn't want to say no and hurt your feelings.

or maybe you just shouldn't read too much into this and let it roll, go with the flow, you know


it usually means no but i dont wanna be rude by saying no. sryy. thats just my experience. usually if they say maybe they'll break up with you like a week later...its happened to three of my friends, and my friends are totallly normal, just the guys said maybe..

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it means that he does wanna go out with u and that he does not wanna act desperate by telling ur friend: means that he is attracted to u obvi

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it means................................... MAYBE


It depends. When we answer maybe to some shit we really don' t want to do, it generally means ' No' .

Don' t leave questions of importance up to your friends, always ask directly, it takes the ambiguity out of it.