My phone isn't working or is he ignoring me... what do you think?

I changed back to my old cell phone today, it seems to be working fine it sends out texts and I am receiving texts. I first texted my bf at 12 in the afternoon and I got no response back from him. Then i was on facebook around 3 in the afternoon I talked to him for a few minutes then he randomly logged off. I texted him at 4:30 and I got no response from him. Then at 9 I called him, it rang and went through to his voice mail. I don't know if he is ignoring me or he isn't getting my texts or calls? I sure hope he isn't ignoring me. These past three weeks he has been pretty distant from me.,,,

Were 15


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He is ignoring you. Try ignoring him back. Maybe he'll get worried and start to think about what you mean to him.


He may be addressing some issues in his life, and doesn't wish to talk about it. He just wants to be alone, so perhaps some personal space is what he needs? Just text him or msg him on facebook asking him whats wrong and that you will respect his choices, give him space, and support him with all you can.


1. He logged off "randomly" which I can assume means he did not say goodbye or if he did he didn't give you a chance to ask questions (not good either way.) 2. Then later in the evening (quite a bit later) "you called him" (again!) and it rang but then went to voice mail which means HE SENT YOU TO VOICE MAIL - ... not good :( if he has been distant for 3 weeks (!) you might be the only one wanting this relationship hon. Don't fool yourself. Recognize the signs and move on to someone who will be ecstatic to hear from you :)


maybe he needs some privacy and thinks ur being a pain in the ***.

idk i never had a gf XD


Ignoring and cheating on you. Time to get the Cheaters crew.


sorry dear, but hes igoring you.

you texted him twice, called once and caught him on facebook and he suddenly went offline.

hes ignoring you.

something is up


He's cheating on you.. sorry.


u should also ignore him.