My phone isn't working or is he ignoring me... what do you think?

I changed back to my old cell phone today, it seems to be working fine it sends out texts and I am receiving texts. I first texted my bf at 12 in the afternoon and I got no response back from him. Then i was on facebook around 3 in the afternoon I talked to him for a few minutes then he randomly logged off. I texted him at 4:30 and I got no response from him. Then at 9 I called him, it rang and went through to his voice mail. I don't know if he is ignoring me or he isn't getting my texts or calls? I sure hope he isn't ignoring me. These past three weeks he has been pretty distant from me.,,,

Were 15


he is ignoring you leave him alone for a day i know its hard but if you have to send him only one tex yesterday unless you get a response than answer. but if you keep texting or calling he might start getting annoyed and stuff trust me i know


He's ignoring you, for sure.


Here is a thought....quit depending on that form of communication and talk to him voice to voice or face to face. Outdated idea I know but you might learn more about what is going on.


sounds like avoidance to me. Ask him questions that prompt discussion. (verses "yes/no")