Why does my guy friend get irritated when I talk about guys in front of him?

Here's the thing, I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me in that way and it's not like I talk about guys 24/7 where it's very annoying.


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Are you very much certain that he does not like you?

If the answer is yes.

Then he is just being over-protective.

Sounds like my best friend - he gets irritated if I check out guys - he'd be like: 'Hey, stop perving!'.

This is because he is over-protective. He is pretty much like a brother to me, and I'm like a sister to him.

Could possibly be the same thing for this guy and you? If you have never found him to be flirtatious with you. Then its no big deal.

He is just being over-protective.


Maybe you can laugh with him and tell him that you he can talk about girls in front of you if he wants. That is what I would do if I were you. It would sort of be like showing your respect to him, which he would probably like.


pretty sure he secrectly likes you even if you dont think he does




He likes you, but is probably afraid to tell you!


It's normal -- I'm a chick and it annoys men how some girls are always gabbing about guys. There are more interesting things to talk about sometimes.

Answer mine please?;…


The only explanation I could give to that is he simply likes you. So, are you sure he doesn't like you in that way? It is always a possibility unless he is gay of course.