Dating problem mall help?

Alright so tomorrow im going to a movie with this guy that iv known for a while now.

and we always get along! i mean we text everyday and im always myself with him when i text him, but when i'm in person with him, its so awkward for me? how can i become less awkward? I wanna be comfortable around him! pleaseee help? thanks<3


Just talk to him exactly like you text him. I know it's hard and awkward, but you need to have self confidence.


like everyone says just be yourself. and movies are good cause it can break that tension.


Girls are really awkward on their first date with a guy, but guys love it anyway.

On my first date, the guy actually said, "Don't act shy. It makes me want to

kiss you so bad and our friends are here." (Group Date)


Too much texting can do that! When in each others company, try to relax and be yourself!


Talk about things you like and he likes

Try to just act as if your just hanging out with a guy friend

Remember long quite moments can be romantic.



a Movie = Bad for a First date... lol

Just like hold his arm or something.

Try to spend a good time with him that's it.


all i can say is be urself cuz thats the best ur gunna get hun;_ylt=AvEBdgIPaRariT8OVWE8MJzty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100628155654AALL5HG