Does this guy like me?

He keeps staring at me and smiling. We were on a car trip with our church and he let me fall asleep on his shoulder. When i saw him at church his group of friends kept looking at me and smiling and trying to push him towards me. He is kinda of shy so i dont know what to think of this. Does he like me and if he does how should i ask him if he does? Thanks (:


if he is smiling and starring at you and let you fall asleep on his shoulder then he probally likes you and about asking him sure ask him if he likes you he make be abit nervous but all guys are like that


aw thats so sweet <3

and yes he likes you


No he clearly hates you.


Yes he likes you. Flirt with him a bit to ease things before you ask him outright.


Yes he does he is probably waiting for you to make the first move. Just tell him you like him and if he likes you hell say the same:)