Guys and Love, am I right or am I wrong?


after asking a million questions about love and guys, I've decided this:

Mature, nice guys will fall in love. They are extremely rare, but they fall in love.

The disrespectful losers won't fall in love, and just want sex.



all nice guys will attend to you like your a princess,BUT you will most likely not go out with any because they seem boring or plain,so you'll eventually give it up to the exciting bad boy,

exciting bad boy=douche bag. why? because these are the guys that will do all the right tricks and moves to sweep you off your feet but as soon they got what they wanted then your number 102 on his girls list.The nice guy will listen to you and will be very patient,some will even be a doormat. these are the guys who will be good fathers but your not gonna end up with them. these nice guys are the ones who get sloppy seconds or third and if you don't know what that means,look it up or ask a guy that is old enough to explain. these nice guys always finish last, and most of the time,this is not really good. why? because they end up being the guys who get stuck with the issues the girls have gathered from past boyfriends. you might think a nice guy is strong and perfect and will keep you on your toes,but really these nice guys are people like George Mcfly and if you don't know who this guy is,look him up on youtube or google. nice guys are really underrated and it will always remain true.


Good guys aren't that rare, you girls are part to blame for catering to the losers.When you find out you are with a loser cut them lose."good luck"


Yeah, but those disrespectful losers are smart enough to get you to give them sex. So they're SMART, disrespectful losers.