Why are guys so unaware of things?

so there is this boy.. shocker. and i flirt with him so so much! but i dont know if he cant figure that out or he just decides to ignore it. So guys why are you so unaware of hints us girls send you?

please explain.


Yea uh we cant always read your signs very well you've gotta make it pretty obvious, we dont want to risk being wrong.


we you mention the word boy ? so that's what youv got 'boys' want to watch tv talk about cars , bikes and pc games , he probably hasn't discovered girls yet lads are allways slower at this particular aspect of life . sometimes its been months and the od case years later i realised i was being flirted at , i just didn't notice at the time , too busy with the tv cars bikes and pc games apparently, just cut the flirting take huge deep breath and ask him out that's the only way he will work it out ,


that just how some guys are, maybe you need to be a bit more obvious, like REALLY obvious


We see far more than you realise. could be he has a g/f already


Perhaps your flirts are not explicit enough. Change your style.


I wouldn't know, I'm too unaware.