My phone isn't working or is he ignoring me... what do you think?

I changed back to my old cell phone today, it seems to be working fine it sends out texts and I am receiving texts. I first texted my bf at 12 in the afternoon and I got no response back from him. Then i was on facebook around 3 in the afternoon I talked to him for a few minutes then he randomly logged off. I texted him at 4:30 and I got no response from him. Then at 9 I called him, it went through to his voice mail. I don't know if he is ignoring me or he isn't getting my texts or calls? I sure hope he isn't ignoring me. These past three weeks he has been pretty distant from me.,,,

Were 15


Sorry hun but, it sounds like he is ignoring you! If he has been distant it is for a reason something has changed him. Maybe he is not happy with you anymore. Just ask him what is going on. Tell him you noticed he has been distant and you feel like he was ignoring your calls and you want to know why. Guys usually distance themselves when they want to break up. It makes it easier on them.


Your phone is fine trust me...and the rest is up to determine.


i think honestly hes ignoring you but maybe its something that needed to be done.

maybe theres someone out there for you waiting, and Gods trying make you see that you need to open your eyes more, believe in yourself and just be patient!



im really sorry to say i think hes ignoring you. unless hes just busy... you should talk to him in person and see whats up.

answer mine? :)…


his phone might have died, or he really is ignoring you

don't be too clingy thou


im sorry to say that hes ignoring you. text him and ask him "What the **** is going on". Then hes sure to repond. he'll most likely make up some lame excuse to not talking to you. Tell him you cant be with someone that rude if you need to break up with him.