What to do? Relationships?

A tad lonely, but do not really like company,


a tad lonely but No company ..

dats like saying u want to drive but u dont want a car ..

if ur going to b in a relationship then u got no choice on the company .. unless its long distance but dont count on it working out


Well, you decide whether or not you want a relationship and you have to think of what you get yourself into. Look at all of the pros and cons of being a tad lonely and being in a relationship. Keep in mind that many times you may fight with your partner or have a breakup and it involves being hurt. Or you may hurt because you feel lonely and would like someone to love you. So think, is that really want you want?


Umm, then maybe dating isn't your thing. Maybe you can work on making new friends that are easy going? You can hangout with them whenever you are lonely or you can just be by yourself when you feel like it. You can also connect with people through Facebook or Myspace so you can talk to people without actually being with them personally. :) I really hope I helped!




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Be in a relationship with someone who is

a) understanding of your company issues

and probably

b) extremely busy (for example, I know a woman who is a single mom that goes to school and has 2 jobs). If you're in a relationship with someone like that, you'll actually crave spending time with them and it will make it all that much more better when you get to.

Good luck!


I don't really understand what your asking, try and clarify?


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