Does he like me? Please answer! Its long :( i know but please!?

OK, so this boy he is my neighbor/friends brother.Also we have known each other most of our lives and all of his teasing is playful This is long but please read! Then the other day him and his sister were coming down the street on bikes and he scares me by yelling then I tell his sister my pants are soaked and he's like why, you pee yourself? then I felt bad because I shut the garage door on his sister without saying goodbye so I texted her saying sorry and what I did was rude, and he sent a reply on his sisters phone saying yeah it was. Which freaked me out. finally he was in his dads truck and I was walking down the street and he starts waving to me really fast with a huge weird grin and wide eyes looking odd way before his dad even waved. Then I fell off my bike the other day and his sister was telling him this and he starts making fun of me like oh don't you know how to ride a bike stuff like that then he started teasing me because I made a stupid comment. then we went bike riding again then he is making up all these jokes then he comes down the street with his shirt over his head being weird.He starts teasing me to. Then there was this hot kid coming down the street and when he left I was like he's hot and he asked do you like him? Then i was going to go find the kid but he's like im going to go Then we were in the pool and he was joking and telling me all these funny stories he would look me deeply in my eye when he talked to me to. Then every time I looked over at him he was looking at me and we would keep eye contact for about I don't know 2 or 3 seconds. Today him his sister and his friend were outside, and then he goes Jane we did this really awesome thing... then he told me. Then we go over my house and we are just sitting there and he looked at me almost every time he said something and we'd hold eye contact (btw his friend was gone) Then in church his friend kept looking at me and when we went to the alter he looked at me really weirdly? but yet he never texts me why doesn't he text me? What does he mean by doing this, I am also terrified to text him just because of rejection and it be awkward because his sister is sorta really close to me plus i have no idea what to say I am so confused serious answers please


Oooh i think he likes you! But, he might be afraid to text you, for the same reason you don't want to text him! Guys like it when girls make a move first. So, you might as well just go for and text him a casual "Hey" or "Whats up?" Don't come on to strong. Also, if he's rude in the way he texts you, just stop texting him, he's being a player. Good luck! I'm sure he's totally into you! Just go for it(: