Should I forgive him? URGENT?

I'm sorry It's sooo long but please read it

Well it's kind of a long story but I'll try my best to shorten it. I had a guy who was my friend, somehow we ended up being friends with benefits, (we're both in 8th grade) one day we were just talking about my new boyfriend (which is his best friend) and he was saying all this stuff about how he talks about me behind my back and how he doesn't deserve me, somehow we started fooling around and I gave him a ******* (we promised not to tell anyone). After that for a few days he wouldn't talk to me so when I finally confronted him he told me to never talk to him again because I told my friends and now everyone knows (I didn't tell anyone) and he didn't want his new girlfriend to find out. I told him I didn't tell anyone because why would I want that getting around school so everyone could call me a whore and he didn't believe me. As it turns out he told my boyfriend and after I broke up with him HE was telling everyone. and after that the guy started tell everyone also. So now around school no one will date me because they all say I'm a cheater and a whore.

I stopped talking to him after that.

It's been two months

Yesterday he texted me asking did I still hate him for what he did to me and that he ****** up, he also blamed it on him being stoned and drunk a lot so he doesn't remember much (which I believe because he has a drug problem). and I said "How do I know you won't just go and do that same thing you didn't have to go and tell my boyfriend just to make him jealous and now my reputation is ruined because of YOU I don't even know why I'm telling you because it's not like you care." after that he told me that he wouldn't be apologizing if he didn't care and that he really would like to be friends again. But I kinda also think that he just wants to be friends again cause everyone hates him now (he has a history of being an asshole and always blames it on the drugs.)


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I'd say let this one go.. Drugs and alcohol? He sounds like a winner.. I'm kidding of course but I am sure you can do better. Move on with your life. You're on to bigger and better things. Best of luck.


haha wow ur only in the 8th grade and ur already doing all that LOL slow ur role really.... U desevrve to be called a whore I don't care how mean it is... It's the truth honestly I'm 16 in high school gonna be a senior and I don't even get down like that you should stop having boyfriends caus all of them jus want u for sex which is the rep u made for yourself now so focus in school and get ur stuff done right because all those ppl aren't gonna matter anymore... Plus u don't wanna end up pregant at a young age that's just ridiculous don't u wanna be able to have fun party and do what you wanna do but you won't be able to if you have a kid right?


I say let him go. Do you really want to be "friends" with someone who has those sorts of problems. It could wreck your 'rep' even more than he has with braking a promise.

Hoped this helped.

As a stranger, don't go back to him


First off you are way to fuckin young to even use the word friends with beniefits. thats just my opinion.

anyways i think he also wants to be ur friend again for the friends with beniefits. i dont think you should forgive him.

hes just usin drugs as an excuse.

Plus hes a fuckin snitch on top of that. pshhhh gaaay


i really don't think you should he probably wants to be friends with benefits again plus he ruined your reputation what u guys did should not have gotten out and if it wasn't by u best believe it was him why would you be friends with someone you cant trust even if he does have drug problems he is no good and needs to find help


Well, you got a bit of a promblem here. First of all, you shouldn't have been so stupid as to cheat on your boyfriend with his best friend. Once someone gets cheated on, it scars them and they never know if the next girl/guy will do the same thing. Now, I would give him another chance. He liked you then, and really wanted to have you. I could tell. Now he was pissed that you went off with his best friend. That's why he told him. It was still rude and impolite for your ex to do something like that. But now that your old buddy wants to be your friend again, let him. He's apolagizing, which means he really does feel bad about what he did. I would give him another chance. You'll see it'll do good. Hope that helps ;)


well it was mainly ur fault for giving him tht so i say forgive but dnt date him or be friends with benefits

help me;…


interesting... well forgiving is a part of life... forgiving is a good thing because it makes you, yourself feel better. if you forgive him, you dont neccessarily have to be friends with him again.. although im sure that will lead to confusion as to why you would even forgive him in the first place. if you decide not to forgive him, then you will just be hurting yourself, because 9 times out of 10, he doesnt really care. so if you choose to forgive, do it for yourself... not because he wants you to.