Should I forgive him? URGENT?

I'm sorry It's sooo long but please read it

Well it's kind of a long story but I'll try my best to shorten it. I had a guy who was my friend, somehow we ended up being friends with benefits, (we're both in 8th grade) one day we were just talking about my new boyfriend (which is his best friend) and he was saying all this stuff about how he talks about me behind my back and how he doesn't deserve me, somehow we started fooling around and I gave him a ******* (we promised not to tell anyone). After that for a few days he wouldn't talk to me so when I finally confronted him he told me to never talk to him again because I told my friends and now everyone knows (I didn't tell anyone) and he didn't want his new girlfriend to find out. I told him I didn't tell anyone because why would I want that getting around school so everyone could call me a whore and he didn't believe me. As it turns out he told my boyfriend and after I broke up with him HE was telling everyone. and after that the guy started tell everyone also. So now around school no one will date me because they all say I'm a cheater and a whore.

I stopped talking to him after that.

It's been two months

Yesterday he texted me asking did I still hate him for what he did to me and that he ****** up, he also blamed it on him being stoned and drunk a lot so he doesn't remember much (which I believe because he has a drug problem). and I said "How do I know you won't just go and do that same thing you didn't have to go and tell my boyfriend just to make him jealous and now my reputation is ruined because of YOU I don't even know why I'm telling you because it's not like you care." after that he told me that he wouldn't be apologizing if he didn't care and that he really would like to be friends again. But I kinda also think that he just wants to be friends again cause everyone hates him now (he has a history of being an asshole and always blames it on the drugs.)


Don't be his friend, after what he did to you, especially considering the situation, he doesn't deserve you're friendship.


I agree with Liberaltarian. Your entire mindset is a train wreck.

Stay on your current path, and this is your future:

unwed trailer trash Welfare mother

Forget about relationships for now and find a way to get yourself back to basics. Otherwise I guarantee that your youth, and your entire life, will not be a happy one.


"Friends with benefits" and blowing guys in the 8th grade? You should still be playing with Barbie dolls.

Your youth is a disaster. I suggest you get some good counseling and try to get on the right track before you ruin your life any further.