Girls, i need some advice!?

ok im new to the walking up to a girl and just talking. and then when its all over i got a phone number?

my friend can walk up to a random dirl them talk like 5 minuits and he has her #

how do i do tht?


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be sweet and nice and just introduce yourself to her, then ask for her number. trust me tons of girls would give it to u, just try it.


its easy, if a girl doing something act like you interested in it, or if she sad act like you care about her that you the only guy that can make her fell better, then ask her her number, tell her if she need someone to talk to she can call you or maybe, you can call her

hope i help :-)


If its a girl that looks cute to u, just walk up to her and be like hey and stuff. she'll automatically know u like her. then just start any random conversation. you dont wanna be like:

" I like your hair"

or anything like that cuz after you say it she will be like thanks then things will get awkward.After that u cant just be like " SO CAN I HAVE UR NUMBER!?!?!?" even if you dont say it like that thats what it will sound like. start a conversation thats not too random. Be like " have u seen the world cup?, or " did you see that show?." if u need any other help ask ur friend. he should kno..



just be calm, be yourself. don't try to act all cool. you want her to like you for who YOU are.

when you walk up to her, have confidence. if you have confidence, it'll show. don't stumble or stutter your words while talking to her because that's what will stop the conversation. be smooth with words and practice, if you want.

good luck :)


whe u just need confidece dont act wierd when your talking to them.just be your self.dress to imprese and thats it.But before you go to talk to them you should have and idea what to tell them.


haha be sweet and introduce your self then asks it never bothers me when guys do it and most girls will give it to you haha


please be yourself , don't play it off as someone your not . so just be confident and don't play games.


By being friendly and polite