What do I do about this guy? I'm very confused.?

So, there is this guy who likes me but I am not sure how I feel about him. He's a pure gentleman. But, he's just not attractive.... I know that sounds shallow of me but I feel that can play a part in a relationship. No one really likes him though. Everyone thinks he's such a freak and weird. Which he is weird but not a freak. Another thing is he tends to become too clingy. I like to talk to him because it's easy and the conversations just flow. But, sometimes he feels the need to talk to me all day everyday. I need my space. Some days I like him and could care less what people think about him, but others I just can't seem to find the possibility of liking him. I don't know what to do! He's also a big flirt with the girls so that can be a major red flag.

What would you do if you were in my place?


If i was in your place, i would test him and give it a couple days or so. To see how my feelings are for him and if i would be willing to give him a chance. I t try to focus a little more on his personality. But if your really not feeling him. Then it simply means hes just not the right one for you. If you already know that you don't want to be with him for sure. Then you know what to do. Lastly if you still don't know, split the pros and cons about him.The decision is all yours.


You have a strictly gals project with Charlotte (or whomever) and you are working on it at all times and she accompanies you in all the times and places of this guy for one solid month. Plus if you know of some other gal that likes him you could let him know, or maybe Charlotte could.

When he comes along, Charlotte (she is so helpful) says, "This Guy, could you please excuse us, we are working on a special project with a deadline and we need to have it all finished by the middle of the next month." "Forgive us, it's secret and we cannot discuss it now." Could be you and her are writing a play for a contest which you lose or whatever you think of.

If you are too nice and compliant it could be an unintended lead-on.

The next month, a cooperative guy could help by posing as your temporary project mate.

But be sure this does not devolve into being impolite or others turning it into some game.

If you get caught alone "Zounds I think I am coming down with my cousin's measles. Excuse me," then go to non-closest ladies room in opposite direction, but take any better exit along the way. "Thanks, no, I do not need any aspirins."

Or, "Excuse me, I am about to throw up that cottage cheese from lunch." Quick exit.

#2 don't deserve him. Honestly are you 18 and immature? You sound like it. Give him a chance you never know what will happen. Why do people think he's a freak and weird? Is he just really shy and doesnt talk to anybody so they just make assumptions? Honestly people these days are stupid. Don't judge somebody unless you really know them and know what they are about. You said he is a pure gentleman so how can he be weird and a freak? PLease elaborate on your question.


Forget about what other people think and do. Trust your instincts, and do what will make you happy.


I'd say just be his friend for a while, get to know him and see how it goes :)