Guy help? Just need a quick opinion...?

So I really like this guy but we never talk...i never know what to say or anything and i act a lot different around people that aren't within my best friends than i do with him so how do i get him to like me? Im 13 by the way


haha this question is cute

with guys it's up or down.. either they like you or they don't, usually based on how hot you are and how cool a personality you have. but mostly based on how hot you are. so the best advice i can give is... dress fashionably but not slutty, show some skin but not too much, wear makeup, and work out to give yourself a nice body. and smile at him when you are nearby him, he will get the message :)


First thing to do is become his friend, it may take awhile but just make sure you smile and is nice when you are in a situation to talk to each other! Once you become friends and you think you had a good base with friendship then make your move!


Step 1 - become friends with him

Step 2 - get a good base with him

Step 3 - make your move :)

Good luck!!


Hunt a wolf and bring back its fur coat. It a girl brought that for me there would be no question she's into me