How do I get my boyfriend to tickle me?

We haven't been dating long, but we were friends before I asked him out. Up until about a month before we started dating, he would always sneak up behind me and poke me in the sides. I'd really like it if he actually tickled me (as in not just poking me), but he hasn't even tried to in months. I don't really want to flat out tell him, and he's not ticklish so I can't tickle him first. I've been considering asking a mutual friend to mention it to him. Any ideas?


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Well you have a couple of choices. You could do like you said and have a mutual friend mention it in a casual way as in "-is so ticklish, did you know? If I tickle her she does whatever I want." Or something like "-actually gets turned on by being tickled but don't tell her I told you. She finds it really fun." Or you could mention it yourself by saying something like how fun you found it when you had a tickle fight with your friend and you ended up getting tickled to tears. Hope I could help.


just temtp him by having your arms up or your tummy showing or your feet up!

you must be VERY brave! eek lol


you could sit on his lap or put your feet on his lap and refuse to get off of him.

or you could pretend to be upset or really serious or something.

Or take his keys and hold them above your head with your arm held up really high. That works!

And make sure you have a cute laugh that he likes. That's 1 of the most important things!


Do your flirting with your feet.

When you're on the couch with him, make sure your feet are bare put them in his lap and wiggle your toes a bit. Wait a minute and if he doesn't start to touch your feet anyway, ask him to rub them.

If he's a keeper he'll follow that instruction ;-).

While he is rubbing your feet, react in a ticklish way occasionally - splay your toes out, chuckle quietly, twitch your foot slightly or writhe a bit. Who knows? Even the odd "Ooooh". Don't say stop or remove your feet from his lap.

If he likes your reaction, he may pick up the pace and join in the game.

If he doesn't already know you like being tickled and you've asked him to RUB your feet, he might apologise and rub harder. If he apologises, you have your very best "in" for the conversation (so it's not coming out of the blue), which you have to use.

"No, no. It's OK. I actually really liked it." That's all you need to say. Then stretch your feet and toes back, offering your soles to him. Lie back and put your arms above your head in submission and close your eyes. The tickling will start.

Every time. ;-)


Here are a few tried and true ways:

1) Tickle him first. Do it in private, be playfully feisty and don't tickle hard enough to hurt. There is a very good chance that he will retaliate

When he retaliates, try not to block at first and try not to say "NO" or "STOP". Instead, say things like "It tickles! It Tickles" or "I'm ticklish! I'm ticklish!" and try to make it into a tickle fight. When it ends, say something like, "I think that I needed that" or "Wow, that was fun!". If he is into tickling, he will be hooked.

2) Wear sleeveless shirts, belly shirts or flip flops. Keep your most ticklish areas exposed when you are around him. It may tempt him to tickle you.

3) When you are texting him, give a long pause before sending a reply. Then apologize for the delay and explain that your (cousin, father, brother, sister, brother's best friend...) came in to your room, pinned you down and tickled you. This can open the door for tickle chat texting and you can let him know how much you enjoy it when done properly.

4) In conversation, let him know that you say a YouTube video where a guy was tickling a girl and it made you think about how much fun it would be if you were in the same situation that the girl was. You can search YouTube for such videos and be ready to show him one or two as proof.

5) After he tickles you (regardless of the way he was coaxed into it), say something like, "I needed that" or "That was fun" or "We need to do that more often". He will definitely get the message.

Good luck and HAPPY TICKLES!


Tickle him first (even if it doesn't work) and then when he tickles you back tell him "not" to stop LOL


This was awesome! :) Im gunna try to do it to my friend Jeremy and i fancey him soooooooo much so I hope tihs methord works! lol thx xxx Happy Ticling :O


Ok so say your sitting on the couch next to your boy friend lay your head on his stomac and raise your arm and start poking his armpits then start tickling then it will tempt him to start tickling you then tickling him and keep goaing back and forth with tickling and turh it into a TICKLE fight and when you finish don' t act like your mad say stuff like oh that was fun or I loved that and we should do that more often or wow I diddnt know you were so ticklish and we should.have tickle fights more oftenand your. Laugh is so cute then do it all again oh and PS. Make sure your feet.are bare so when it gets real jucy he' ll. Tickle your fee. If those. Stuguestions. Don' t work then just stop being shy and ask him to tickle you