How do i get a guy to talk to me on facebook?

i really like this guy but i want him to start talking to me, but i don't want to be the first one on saying hi. so

How do i get a guy to talk to me on facebook without being the first one on saying hi?


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sorry...but your going to be the one to say hello[; ha. heres what you do

You: Hello(:

Him: Hey(or Whats up)

there you go with the conversation. trust me, he will think nothing of it. it dusnt mater if you say hello or hey. hello is a little more flirty. but make sure you have a smiley face. and make the conversation interesting, but not annoying. so then next time your both on, he'll be the first one to say hi because he wants to talk to you[; hope this helped.


Uhhh TALK TO HIM! Gah, what is with you females?!?! If you want something, go get it! Don't be scared!


tell me this why are girls such cowards when it comes on to making the first move?


just be yourself and say hi or hello,


Well you could like one of his status' or actually comment on it and who knows you could just keep commenting.

I did it once and we had almost 200 comments and now we talk everyday:)


What's wrong with being the first one to say hi? Just think: Only good can come from it, right?


Lol that's really not possible..


Talk to him first, just say hey what's up or something like that.