Can 3rd graders date?

hi. i'm a third grade 8 year old. i've been interested in girls since preschool. i know fourth graders date, so can 3rd graders?


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are you kidding? your only in grade 3! But I guess a "date" in your nature would be okay.

I'm thinkin' like, playing games and hanging out with each other. NO KISSING, OR HOLDING HANDS!

well, maybe hugging...

but leave the rest alone! don't worry, you'll get there.


I know you won't like this answer but your 8 years old. And 4th graders actually don't date. They think they do. But its really just being like bestfriends. Theres a big difference. Right now you should be trying to make friends, not girlfriends. When I was your age I thought it would be cool to date too. I'm glad I never got the chance to, to be honest. One of my friends at that time did have a boyfriend, but we all thought it was weird of


this makes me laugh so hard not being mean sweetie

i agree your 8 and shud not be spending this much time on the computer

wait till at least 8th grade but even then its not that serious

i second the 'WTF' answer "/

anyway so ya u shud wait hun


hun i think its a process of getting to know each other like making a best friend but i guess u guys know so much more these days u would call it something more sophisticated aka dating. :)

on the other hand dating early inst good not that I'm telling u, u cant but u loose the friendship earlier and then as u grow older u would do things faster. as in be called a **** and sleep around earlier and yeah growing up too fast. just keep it as making a best friend but don't hate each other after wards and then hating each other for the rest of your life just because of what happened in third grade.

have fun don't get to serious your still young make friends and take it easy okay mate :)


Yes, ofcourse. People date even when they are in preschool. But do you really get the concept of dating? You date someone because you love them, not because they are 'hot'. I actually think that if you learn what a relationship is when you are younger, when you get older you will be more of a gentlemen. A relationship is when you care for someone, when she needs help you are there. You talk to her and you aren't rude or mean. And if you are thinking about kissing her; WAIT! Do you really want to waste your first kiss on someone who you will most probably not marry!


ummm theres no age limit on when you can start dating. but seriously? do you even know anything about relationships at that age?


i started dating when i was in 2nd grade and how are you 8 years old and being on the computer i didnt know what a computer was when i was in 3rd grade and im not old im only 18 wow kids these days grow up so fast go watch spongebob stay off internet


I thought you were supposed to be at least 13 to use this forum.