What does it mean when a guy stares like really deep into your eyes?

one time my boyfriend and i were on the boardwalk and he just started staring deep into my eyes. i mean it was like the longest time a guy has EVER held my gaze before (i don't know how long it lasted but i think it lasted at least a minute or two). He was actually pretty close to me - almost touching. We eventually got interrupted and he looked away pretty quickly and then turned back. he then saw my mom coming and took a step back.

It's really hard to describe how he stared into my eyes, but it's never awkward at all. All I could do was stare back - which I also got butterflies (i get those a lot with him). He always looks into my eyes and stares at me, but that was like the longest time our gaze ever held.

Actually that did happen once before when we were slow dancing at prom. Like literally the whole song, we both just stared into each other's eyes. The song was you and my by life house so it fit us haha.

As I said, it's never awkward at all when he does that. usually when a guy does that, i find it awkward, but with him i can't help and stare back and then i get butterflies.

He's really shy, but he always looks into my eyes. If he doesn't it's because he's watching a movie and/or the room is dark or maybe i just don't notice him staring at me then idk.

Also, its both our first relationship. we're both 18.

So, what does it mean when a guy stares like really deep into your eyes like that?


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It means he is really into you. he cares a whole lot about you and doesnt wanna lose you. the way you say he looks at you probably means you are the most important thing in his life and hes trying to read into you by gazing at you. he most likely has really strong feelings for you and you guys will probably be together along time.


It means he really likes you and is thinking about you a lot for a long time


It means he likes looking at your eyes.


He Loves You


it means he likes you... and if its not awkward, thats bcuz he has confidence and his eyes are, whats the word, well theyre like alive and bright, theyre not shy or anything like that. Theyre friendly, inviting, passionate, etc etc.


He loves you with a great passion


It could mean he is very near-sighted.


It means he likes you alot and wants you to be his.