How do you make girls kick you in the balls? Better if a girl answers?

I have always wanted to be kicked in the nuts by a chick with high heels on or barefoot I want to know how do you make them pissed enough for them to do it to u. I want a girl to answer this.


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i will juust for u to ask this question to me. and i will get high heels to do it to u too just to make ur wish come true.....


Say/do something really disrespectful. Or you could just ask one to do it. It's really fun ;)


Why the hell would you wants to be kicked in the nuts? Obviously you have never been hit there really hard. And don't try. Most girls will just cry or yell/swear/etc. at you if you piss them off, not kick you.


Call her ugly.


pretty weird kid you are


Break up with her because she won't have sex with you. That sure makes me wanna bust my ex in his nuts.


im sure calling her like 6 dirty words then calling her fat would work


da **** i agree with nejeri wateva u ask her da same questions n she will most honesty do it or me n my friends u 2 play this games where boys punch girls in da boobs n girls hit s boys in da nuts but u hav 2 let dem know lol.