How to get a boyfriend in 6th grade?!?

i have such a crush on this guy but im a little bit shy. not much though. nothing serious. NO RUDE ANSWERS! i thing the guy might ike me but i dont know....


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ahh, 6th seriously,i had to sit with my 6th grade neighbor last year on the bus, and i honestly have NO idea y would want to date one of them, 6th grade is the last year that boys are gonna be weird immature kids about dating, cuz its right before the testosterone kicks in ;) and 7th and 8th grade, and sometimes 9th grade, they start morphing into men, so, they are all sorta doughy, and have acne. but if you want a BF anyway, 80 % of the time, a close guy friend will like you, so if this guy is close to you, them he prob likes you, so, have cute guy friends!


She said no rude answers...Some of these answers are ruuuude.


ask him out? or get a friend to ask him or his friend if he likes you, and if he does then ask him out.



k wow.

your only in grade 6. and there so much time for that crap.



lol aww cute, 100% of the time if a girl asks out a guy he will say yes. even if he says no, you wont regret it for the rest of your life.


You don't need a boyfriend. You're only in the 6th grade. I don't think you're mature enough to handle or even understand a relationship.

Not a rude answer, just the truth.


Hmmm in sixth grade I was super shy haha xD I think you should just tell him that you like him or just be super nice to him and he will eventually ask you out and be your boyfriend:) I used to think having a boyfriend was the biggest thing in sixth grade and that's okay to think that at this age but later on you will realize it wasn't a huge deal:] Just remember that if he doesn't like you its not the end of the world! There's SO many guys out there and you have the rest of your life to meet new people and have crushes and boyfriend:] Just be confident in who you are...guys can tell when girls feel good about themselves so just love yourself and you will definitely get his attention...also everything is about maturity level. Is he ready for a girlfriend? Are you ready for a boyfriend? This has probably been said a million times to you, but seriously this is the main yourself :D


Ok. 6th grade... Wait AT LEAST to 9th grade. I ain' t allowed to date till I' m like a junior. I might sneak though.