What does it mean if a girl calls you Buddy.?

Im a 17 year old boy and ive liked this girl for a while and she knew I liked her

Well I never asked her out and in May my best friend asked her out.

Well About 1 month ago he told me he never liked her and didnt know why he asked her out and he was ignoring this girl for like a month and a half.

2 weeks ago he send me a text telling me to tell her He wanted to break up with her. And I kinda had to do it because the igrl was asking me quetions like why is he ignoring her.

Well he hasnt seen the girl in a while he hasnt even gone up to her and sometime sshell ask me if Ive talked to him and to tell him she wants to talk to him in person.

She also has started to talk to me like shell find any little reason to text me but she always calls me buddy

I know what Buddy means but does it have a deeper meaning.


She likes u, buddy? i mean it cheezy but its def endearing, shes just kinda in the stage of liking u, but not wanting to, but not being able ta help it. shes kinda um confused lol, just go 4 it. start talking about watta dirt bag the other guy was and wen u get her all worked up just say "hey, ya no i was gonna ask u out b4 he did..."


im high


She's flirting ;)


usually when i call a guy "buddy" its so he wont think i like him and that i only see him as a friend


if she called you hun its quite possible... but buddy? who even uses that anymore? obviously she only has friendship on her mind


It means she only sees you as a friend. Also it's not your place to do the other guys dirty work.


It means absolutely nothing. A girl called me buddy once in a message. I was sort of bummed out about it because I thought she only saw me as a friend.

We're getting married next June.


it justs means that she might be interested in you and she wants to keep u as a friend and she wants you to know that your a good friend.