How do I give my boyfriend the hint I want to hold hands?

Okay, so we're only like 12 but most of the other couples hold hands and we've been dating for like 2 or 3 weeks. We talk a lot but nothing really romantic except mentioning to our friends like we're going out or something. My girlfriend told us,"You guys should really hold hands." I was about to kill her because it was like the 2nd day we were going out and I hardly knew him but now I really do want to hold his hand. How do I give him the hint and how do I do it at school with out getting yelled at by a teacher?


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aw:) okay, well if you want to give him a hint, walk closer to him than normal, and let your hand bump into his two or three times. if he still doesnt realize what you're trying to do, then just grab his hand, and look up and smile at him:)

good luck(:


Okay, by dating do you mean that you just walk around school calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend....or do you actually see each other outside of school and go places together? You are so young, and you are wasting your good years on worrying about boyfriends.Just focus on school right now, and have fun with your friends while you can. Trust me, your school years go by too fast. When you are old enough to know what a relationship is, you probably wont even remember this kids name.

I know you don't want to hear any of this, but it's the truth. The whole point in dating is finding someone to marry. Finding someone to spend the rest of your life with. You can't really do that if you have no idea what you want your future husband to be like. You have so much time to figure yourself out, and figure out what you want in a man. For now....don't get yourself in trouble at school over a boy that will probably have a different girlfriend next month.


Just grab it, lol.


You're too young for that.


hold his hand. duh.

also, this is a very dumb, juvinile question


You grab his hand and hold it. Thats a good start.


why don't you try bumping into his hand a few times to see if he will hold your hand first. if he doesn't just grab his lol. good luck!


you dont realy have to hint just slowly grab hold of her hand she wont resist

and teachers wont yell at you :)