What does it mean when a guy calls you beautiful?

You don't have to read all of this, the real question is at the bottom. These paragraphs are just kinda background info. :P

This guy and I really like each other. We talk all the time (we live in different states) over email and texts and IM's. We dot actually talk on the phone because I don't really like talking on the phone and neither does he.

Well anyway me and his cousin are friends and she tells me things he says about me sometimes and she said last time she talked to him he says I'm beautiful and he loves me and wants to get married. (we're both 14...)

It's really sweet, but what is the difference between pretty, hot, sexy, beautiful?


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It's said that when a boy calls you pretty, he likes you

When he calls you hot and/or sexy he wants you for physical reasons

When he calls you beautiful, however, he's seeing not only your external beauty, but your internal beauty as well. He isn't calling you that because he wants your body, he's calling you that because he wants your heart


he wants some action


its a big compliment and he prob really likes you!


This means he wants you to go down on him now!


hot and sexy are just sexual things if he wants you like that only

if someone calls you beautiful then he actually genuinely likes you (:


Beautiful? You have never met how would he know? guess he means the way you text. Beautiful is Beautiful,beauty is in the eye of the beholder.All you asked about is how another sees you,looks wise.


The difference is that he respects you and has feelings for you . trust me , you wouldn't want him to tallk about you behing your back in a cheap way and be a "sweet" person with you .

btw , I read the whole thing through :P


This boy really likes you and beautiful is a respectful way of saying you are HOT sounds like he was raised with manners and that's hard to find these days so take it as a great compliment and know his feelings are strong for you PEACE