My boyfriend beat me up again... do your boyfriends hit you?

me and my boyfriend had a little quarrel the other night, and the next day my mom happened to drop by so i told her about it and also told her some other bad stuff(in my opinion) my boyfriend did to me.

it was so idiot of me that it kinda slipped out of my mouth i let my boyfriend find out about all this today!

then he got really pissed off and beat me up! saying it made everything difficult and that my mother will definitely keep bothering him about all the bad "deeds" that he's done to me!(which he did indeed) and he's tired of the future he's now foreseeing! so he hit me on the head and poked me in the face. really hard. i wondered why he didnt just slap me.

actually it was not the first time he hits me. i've grown used to it and i'm now having this feeling that IT IS MY FAULT and he's right to hit me! am i going crazy here? and he also told me that half of US men hit their women. you just don't know it.

i'm losing my mind. somebody help me. please?...


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I'm a man, my mother was beaten up by my father constantly when i was growing up, I vowed i would never become like my father.... It is never ok to hit a woman, it is NEVER your fault, real men don't hit women... once a man hits u, he will always hit u, and it will never stop. u need to leave him, because that's the type of guy he is, and u are in danger! in terms of how many men in the US beat there wifes, it doesn't matter, even 1 is 1 too many.. it is not healthy or normal to live in a violent relationship, regardless of who is getting hurt, remember that, u deserve better :) peace and good luck!


sounds like he has good reason. stay in line and he wont bother you.


I love to beat on my girl, you just have to be careful to not cause too many bruises (people will get suspicious). I think she likes it because she always comes back for more.

I think it really turns her on, maybe as much as it does for me.


well some women look for fights then after to realize they are going to get beaten .. sometimes people pervoke fights willing knowing they will get beaten ... does it make it right ? that depends if your a closet case person of getting beaten by your bf ... and yes those do exist ... either way if it was serious you wouldnt be asking advice on yahoo .. it would be a police matter already or already escalated to a agencie that help womeen who get beat ... he's just giving you warning pokes in the eye .. and if you are actually concerned for your safty you probly would of foreseen this issue long ago and others around you knoticing these behavoiurs , in my opinion if you don't like it go ... if you dig a nice eye poking stay ... stats and figures of women getting beat in the us are very vauge and many people interprate them wrong anyways


At the risk at sounding cruel, I'm just gonna have to say it:

Grow some t*ts, girl.

Dude, you could have kicked his dog and he still wouldn't have a right to hit you. It mightn't seem like much at all when he did it the first few times- just little things. But once you think that it's alright you open up a whole area of all that sh*t.

So grow some t*ts, and tell him to cut it out or your leaving. That's it, sorry. Life is about doing things that make you happy- you might think your bf is making you happy, but in the long run if your feeling guilty and like you deserve to get yourself hit... well, if you don't fix it up soon the relationship is gonna turn toxic and you'll be stuck in a rut.

You're going to have to draw the line. So what if you told your mum some stuff- she's your MOTHER, for christs sake, she raised you, and suddenly she hasn't got a right to have a heart-to-heart with her daughter? Your bf's perception of life is really skewed, that is obvious in that he thinks it's ok to treat you like that.

So my advice is, get him to understand that what he is doing isn't going to be tolerated, or get out of the relationship. Even if you're in love with him, you're going to have to take action.I'm sorry, but your boyfriend IS a nobhead with no nob- he titles himself as that as soon as he touched you.

But please, DO SOMETHING. You have no idea how many women let it slide. You know all those stories about women who are trapped in abusive relationships, and end up having depression and killing themselves or killing their partners in a fit of madness? Yeah, this is how it starts out. If he's capable of making you feel that way and KNOWING he is (how could he not know?), then he's capable of much more.


boys have this impulses that when their hot headed they hit other people even if it is their girl. they have this masculinity thing that whenever you did something that you don't like they would just out of impulse hit you. but will later on be regretful with what he did. and one more thing we girls have this blabber mouth attitude that when we're angry we tend to say things out of control. if guys have heavy hands, girls have blabber mouths. warn him about his attitude, and the next time he hits you. file a police report. know when to fight for yourself. if he loves you he won't hit you. instead he'll protect you the best way he can. but it seems like the one you expected to protect you from harm is the same person who harms you.


I've never hit a woman and never would, and it is NOT normal, you are in denial, plain and simple.


it's a terrible relationship, clearly, and it sounds like you have a history of these types of relationships. You need to get out of this one then you need to AVOID relationships for a while and work on YOU. I mean you need some counseling to work on the issues that result in you attracting these types of people into your life.

You can have a healthy relationship in your life, but you're going to have to move from this one and change YOU before you can have that.



Your boyfriend has NO right to hit you and neither does anyone else

It is completely untrue that half of men hit their girlfriends, this has been untrue for decades

I don't know anyone who let there boyfriends hit them, everyone I know thinks that it is wrong and if me or my friends were ever hit we would break up with our boyfriends

You're not losing your mind, you should be worried about this, I think you should break up with your boyfriend you deserve MUCH better. If you won't break up with your boyfriend please don"t let him hit you

Ignore all the idiots who are telling you this is fine and you deserved it they're wrong

Talk about this to somebody you trust and try to get some help you don't need to go through this alone

Violence is okay

You have done nothing wrong

Stay safe

Goodluck xx