What are signs that a shy girl likes you?

like body language and eye contact..

cuz its kinda hard to tell if she doesn't like you or is just shy


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coming from a shy girl, she would have trouble maintaing eye contact with you. most of the time, shy girls will look DOWN when you're in front of her. however, if she just doesn't like you, she wouldnt have a problem facing you but she would kind of look away or look past you just so you know that she doesn't like you. the biggest difference is the looking down. if a girl looks down then she likes you and she's just shy. body language.. she may fidget when shes around you and blush or get nervous.


laugh at your jokes touch you talk to you alot


if you catch her looking at you or she smiles at things you say


shill blush if she catches u stareing at her hides her face with her hair and not look at u when u two are talking


if she smiles when you talk to her or if she says your name a lot.


guessing u interested in some one shy

if she stare at u

best way to know is by getting to know her


alls he can do is look at you cuz she's shy so she won't be able to talk to you maybe take a quick when she thinks u ain't looking she looks for u


If she looks up to look at you or smiles and looks down after looking at you.