If a Girl says to you "Awww you're so sweet", does that mean she thinks you're a feminine pansy?

Men are supposed to be tough and as un-sweet as possible, right?

If a chick says you're sweet, that means she's eternally thought you as a male hen/Friend Zone material, yes?


Depends on how she says it. But yeah you're not overwhelmingly attractive to her. Unless she's winding you up which is a distinct possibility. A lot of women know that mean don't like being called sweet or cute so they do it to get a reaction. It's amusing.


it means she likes u


depends upon the context...but possibly she likes you, maybe you're right, just have to judge it on context


OMG! If you're talking about me, I said you're sweet because I meant it. I think Education Connection girl is sweet too, and you know how I feel about that troll!


It's a good thing. She means like you make her feel special and you seem like you care. If she thought you were a pansy she would have been like " I love having gay friends don't you?". Something like that.


If a girl says you're sweet..ITS A GOOD doesn't mean you're in the friend zone or a feminine means she likes you and to her it seems like you care about her and make her feel special...and no men aren't supposed to be tough and un-sweet as possible..sweetness in a guy is a good thing ..hope I helped =]