I have never had a boyfriend?

I don't understand. I am 16 years player...i make good grades and have a lot of good friends. i'm pretty down to it my looks? i don't get it

I also am scared that when I do find someone that I am interested in that I won't be experienced at all...idk I am starting to become helpless :(


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I was 18 before I got my first boyfriend, and he is worth the wait. don't worry about the age or experience. When you do get in your first relationship go as fast as you want and you will learn along the way. I was nervous about all these things too but I told him I had never had a relationship before and he help me :)


eye liner would do the trick.

you have nice teeth


Not looks.


your only 16. Trust me its only high school, andin high school most relationships dont even last. Truth is yes i understand you want to experience it but eventually itll come trust me


It's definitely NOT your looks. If anything guys are intimidated because they think you are very attractive and outgoing and wouldn't be interested in someone like them.


why are you in a rush? you want to experience heartbreak sooner? just take your time and someone will come along. the later it happens, the smarter you will be.


look on the upside-you are successful, who cares about men that are stuck up pricks, u know what i mean? ur attractive, but ets be honest u dont gotta worry bout that stuff, just worry about school, im 16 too. but i dont want a gf or a bf for the matter lol


aww dont worry about it! i didnt have my first bf till i was 14 and it wasnt rly official, we only dated for 3 days. its not a big deal. your prbly attractive and i guess the guys that are crushing on you are prbly to chicken to ask you out. make the first move, be outgoing and give them the impression your looking for a relationship. besides they arent that great either, im gunna turn 16 in 2 months and ive had 2 bfs and they both suck hahah! just enjoy being single :)) it can be funn!