What do guys feel....?

I am just curious on what guys think is the perfect girl? like looks, personality or any other factor..liek a specific race or specific body type..


all guys have different opinions.


never start a sentence with " what guys think " ...!!…


smart, sexy, good height, for example megan fox


Yea, what question mark person said. It varies from guy to guy. You probably won't ever get 2 of the exact same answers. Just be who you are and the right one will come along eventually.


I think the perfect girl is someone who has the same interest as me. Someone who is nice, kind ,caring, family oriented. I would like a girl who is average build. She should be cute and honest.


I like a girl who is funny, and a wee bit silly lol, ive never found looks to be that important, im not to keen on very skinny girls though, race wouldnt matter to me as long as we liked each other