Is going to only a restaurant OK for a 1st date ?

I was thinking about taking her out for coffee for the 1st date.

But the most well known Starbucks is in the same area as the place I want to take

her for our 2nd date (if there is one).

Would it be OK to take her out for ONLY dinner for a first date ?

Then on the 2nd date have dinner and do something fun ?

This is the restaurant's website:


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Yeah totally! First date is usually more of a get to know you type thing so dinner would be perfect. And he second idea for the second date sounds perfect! Maybe you should find out her favorite restaurant and take her there to impress her.


why don't you find out what she would like to do?




try dinner and go from there. plans can be changed to add ideas or events in too ya know


It might seem like you're trying too hard but why not


if you wanna be more romantic go to a nice restaraunt place then i walk in a local park. but that would be a nice place for the third date :)

- genny <3


coffee shop=sofisticated choose


Dinner AND a movie! :D

Gotta have some fun!

Movie first so you will appreciate the food better and can enjoy it afterwards! :D