My bf is really bossy?help?

im 17 and my bf is almost 18 in 3 days ... he never wants to do anything or go anywhere unles its with me or to work..he works with his father and they have money..and he has already said that he loves me ..and then when i tried to break up with him cause it was too much he said he was going to shoot himself..

when he texts me he will keep forwarding it until i finally answer but if i text him he thinks its okay for him to take a awhile which it is idc but he freaks out on me if i take a lil bit to answer..

and im a virgin and so is he but lately he has been telling me to strip for him and will sit me on his lap and tell me to suck my finger ect.. and when i dont want to he will say do u want me to kill myself his family was really mad at me.. what do i do


what you need to do is weight out the good and bad. How long is this gonna last? don't want to spend your who life with someone who act like that. If you don't make a move now it might scar you for life and you gonna take it to the grave with you. So, sorry for sounding so mean ( i think ) but i just think he still needs some growing to do. Being a virgin is good on your end, and when you think you ready that's your decision. But no one has the right to try to take that away from you (boyfriend or not). It's your life and so it goes out the same for them-so that means NO ONE OWNED YOU. Do what you want and don't have no one tell you what to do. Keep your head up....


Dump him. That is all.